Whats next?

Working with Director James Williams as a collaborator, we are currently developing a new mid scale touring show for premiere in early 2018


Relentless Unstoppable Human Machine

Starting with a clean slate, an empty stage. People bring what they need, build what they need and make do with what they’ve got. Every piece of circus equipment eventually becomes common property and is incorporated into the build, new uses are discovered for everything until the whole stage is filled with a jungle of set.

Chaos out of order.

RUHM is about a group of individuals sharing a space and working together to build something harmoniously. Clarity out of pandemonium through physical discipline.

Whereas FLOWN is a series of solos and duets R.U.H.M will seek to make ensemble work without a chorus line but with an eclectic group of individuals that reflects our society- as diverse in age, race, gender as is possible.

We cant stand alone – ensemble is key.

Taking the brakes off Relentless. Unstoppable. Human. Machine.

In late Autumn 2015 we undertook a week long residency as part of Bristol Circus City at The Invisible Circus Space, and another at The Point in Eastleigh.
Starting with a blank canvas and a pile of ideas and equipment we played…

With musician and composer Peter Reynolds we explored the soundscapes produced in the course of building complex constructions; and how the rigging, straps and props can themselves form part of that composition when manipulated and used.

We have always acknowledged our roots in the tradition of circus. We create original acts, these come from our own ideas, from inside our heads. We will continue to push the boundaries of original equipment.. watch this space!

Call for co-commissions partners and funders.

If you are interested in collaborating or would like further information about this show please contact: