A gathering of friends and companies that work with us, including photographers, artists, creatives and useful kit.

All Hallows Hall

Community hall and rehearsal space in Bristol

Carnival Cinema

Australian circus photography and films

Cold mountain Kit

Rigging equipment company – a lovely and knowledgeable outfit that provides us with lots of our kit.

Crying Out Loud

FLOWN’s 2013 & 2014 tours were in partnership with and produced by Crying out Loud- creative producers who bring memorable experiences from extraordinary visual theatre makers to audiences of all ages across the UK. There continues to be a successful ongoing creative partnership between POC and Crying Out loud. 

Photographer specialising in circus

Invisible Circus

Fellow circus company and hosts of Unit 15 Creation Space in Bristol

James Loudon
Photographer, lighting designer, website designer

Annabel Munn
Collaborator on the set and costume design for FLOWN and new show.

Matilda Temperley 

Anne Wagner
Photographer and circus rigger