Meet the Company

Barnz Munn
Co-Founder & Creative Director

Barnz has excellent understanding of three-dimensional design, which has led to him to creating unique aerial systems and props. Since 1998 he has been combining traditional ship-rigging and racing-dinghy rigging techniques in stunt shows with climbers and circus performers.

A trained Shipwright, Aerial Rigger, Tentmaker, Costume and Clothes designer and Performer, Barnz is a pioneer of performance-based rigging and Human Counterweighting which he developed with his partner Shaena Brandel. 

Barnz first introduced counterweighting to NoFit State circus in 2002, and as Head Rigger designed the performance based rigging in their shows until 2009. He has Designed & built rigging systems for Circus training spaces including NoFit State, Organised Kaos, Circus Big Top at Glastonbury Festival, and Circus Arts Australia.

Shaena Brandel
Co-Founder & Producer

Shaena is an Irish Aerialist, trained in the UK, with over 20 years experience as a performer, teacher and choreographer. She has toured extensively across the UK and internationally with Giffords Circus (for their first two seasons), and for five years with NoFit State on their critically acclaimed shows Immortal, Tabu and Labyrinth (Eden Project). Her work with Barnz Munn developing the new discipline of counterweighted hoop, has been hugely influential in the international Circus community. Shaena is currently the Aerial teacher on the Performing Arts level 3 at Yeovil College, alongside producing & creating work with POTC.

Since the original creation of FLOWN in 2011 for Glastonbury Festival CBT, POTC have worked with a brilliant team of Artists. Devising our work collaboratively, we consider every artist involved to be a vital part of the creation process whether on or off stage.

Present collaborators- PLACEDISPLACE & Taxi:
Kate McBain
Jack Rees
Eric McGill
Annabel Munn
Alfie Horn
Alik Peters Deacon
Kim Burnell
Rose Swift

Past collaborators- FLOWN, RUHM & HOME
Jade Dunbar
Gabbie Cook
Nat Whittingham
Seren Corrigan
Tia Kalmaru
Axel Guerin
Ellis Grover
Meg Ella
Winston Reynolds
Alfa Marks
Joe Dimuantes
Craig Turner
Chris Aplin
James Loudon
Thom Pod

James Williams- Director- FLOWN, RUHM & HOME