Mission Statement

Pirates of the Carabina create honest, bold, uncompromising and, above all, human work: Work that is always exploring and pushing the physical, technical and creative limits of the form, whilst proudly staying anchored in the tradition of being a travelling circus.

We devise our work collaboratively in order to give each member of the company a voice and a platform for their ideas; allowing every opportunity for new and unexpected things to emerge.

Gwen Hales

We strive to push beyond physical boundaries to deliver remarkable performances of the highest skill level. We train to the highest degree so that our acts are at once surprising, awe-inspiring and unexpected.

We welcome external collaborators but aim to remain small enough that everyone is able to sit around a table and have a meal together.

We believe in the power of creativity, great art and performance as vital for the wellbeing of humanity. We want to see our ideas take shape and go out into the world to inspire others.

We are committed to preserving the tradition of circus, celebrating the heritage of our work and to upholding what this art form is about: making seemingly impossible things happen. But we publicly value every aspect of circus – considering the mechanics of circus rigging just as beautiful and impressive as the acrobatic and theatrical elements. The work of POTC aims to bring the audience closer to circus by putting all of this on show.