About us

Pirates of the Carabina are a trailblazing circus company of highly experienced artists, riggers and musicians from across the world who specialise in theatrical, highly technical shows with a very strong live music ethos.


Run by leading circus professionals Barnz Munn and Shaena Brandel and comprised of highly experienced and committed circus artists, riggers, musicians and technicians from across the world, POTC initially came together for a one-off commissioned performance of FLOWN in 2011 at Glastonbury Festival.

Following its success, The Glastonbury Arts Commission became an established award, offering a critical platform for new circus companies.

Since 2011, POTC have toured FLOWN to venues across the world, performing over 250 shows to audiences totalling more than 250,000, including capacity crowds at Bristol Circus Festival, Brisbane Festival, Bahrain Spring of Culture Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe where they won the Total Theatre Award for best Physical/Visual Theatre in 2013. With the support of the Arts Councils of both England and of Wales, and in partnership with Crying Out Loud, FLOWN has developed into one of the UK’s most in-demand touring contemporary circus theatre shows.


Group ownership is essential to the approach of Pirates of the Carabina, who firmly believe that collaboration fosters great ideas and produces work that is both dynamic and sincere, and which directly connects with audiences. Underpinned by a heartfelt humour and genuine honesty, POTC bring all the skills, quirks and qualities of the artists to the stage.The company specialises in uniquely inventive acts and developing stunts that strive to push circus technique, theatrical narrative and the mechanics of performance beyond the ordinary.