The small scale circus show with large tales to tell!


PIRATE TAXI is our reaction to these changing times, concentrating on local sustainable, small-scale outdoor touring. Pirate Taxi will include Pirates of the Carabina’s trademark mechanically ingenious sets, extraordinary aerial, circus and live music, and will take place in, on and above an old-school London taxi. The show will weave together POTC’s story of Circus to Somerset, with themes of migration, displacement and the annual migration of birds.

Sometimes serious, but more often funny, this is a family friendly outdoor show suitable for adventurers of all ages. Audience’s stories will be gathered along the way as the taxi becomes a travelling trove of tales, notions and ruminations. And there is always room for one more…

Available to tour from June 2021. Contact shaena@piratesofthecarabina.com for more information. 

With generous support from Arts Council England, Crying Out Loud, Wassail Theatre, Take Art and Tangled Feet. 

A new POTC Chapter

PLACEDISPLACE, developed with a core of freelance artists during lockdown 2020, is a new creative approach for POTC which will be continued with PIRATE TAXI. Elements of the shows creation will take place remotely with virtual input from the creative team.

We have always prided ourselves on making the technical elements of Circus part of our shows. But there are the hours of loading the lorries, long get-ins and get-outs, building and dismantling the set that the audience has been robbed of! With PIRATE TAXI we have combined all these elements into the show itself.


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