Supported by ACE Emergency Grant funding, Pirates of the Carabina (POTC) spent the months of June and July 2020 exploring new ways of training, devising, playing and creating collaboratively. Armed with whatever tech we each had to hand, variable wifi and a few projectors, 6 artists- Shaena Brandel, Barnz Munn, Jack Rees, Annabel Munn, Eric McGill, and Alfie Horn from the worlds of circus, music and visual arts tried out new things, tested old ones and shared in an experience of creating without pressure - despite the constraints of lock-down. PLACEDISPLACE is a circus performance-art project examining what it means to be an artist in isolation - denied the space, platform and people to devise new work but nevertheless compelled to do so. See the full PLACEDISPLACE playlist here.

Award-winning circus company Pirates of the Carabina present FLOWN - a tale of battling against the odds and coming together when it matters most. Featuring an international cast of 13 circus artists, world renowned aerial performers, stuntmen, riggers and acrobats, FLOWN pulls the curtain back on a life treading the high-wire and flying from the rafters - inviting audiences to revel in the backstage antics of this motley crew, trying to get the show on the road.